Painting with pencils, drawing with water. Hand drawn watercolour pencil artwork, many offered for sale as prints. Portrait commissions taken.

0208018 Pinemarten Pencil

Welcome to my world of watercolour pencil drawings. My artwork is hand-drawn using special water soluble pencils. These help to create the vibrancy and motion of a painting guided by the intricate fine lines of a pencil drawing.

Having worked with acrylic paint on canvas, I discovered watercolour pencils at the Pencil Museum, in Cumbria, England a few years ago. Since then I have evolved and defined my artwork style.

Albeit a fundamental subject of this web site, art is one of a selection of notable skills that I have.

I’ve been coding, or programming, since the early to mid-80s, using various languages on various platforms.

Painting with words, I dabble with creative writing, and script writing.

Rainbows (Girl Guides)

0303018 Rainbows Promise

I’m Pine Marten, volunteering with Red Squirrel (Mrs B), working with girls aged 5 to 7 years old, as one of Girlguiding’s enthusiastic male unit helpers.

We take the girls on a journey of exploration and discovery as they work through the Rainbows programme. Part of that is designing activities and providing artwork.

It is bags of fun, on trips, adventures and even sleepovers.

Pine Martens

0201018 Pine Marten, martes martes, artwork pencil drawing

As you may have guessed, pine martens are a thing for me.

Unfortunately pine martens have been the victim of habitat destruction and hunting leaving their UK population in tatters. So much so that in England they had been considered extinct.

In Scotland pine marten numbers have been recovering but in England and Wales there is a lot more than needs to be done.

Social Media

Pine martens are helping the reintroduction of red squirrels as they keep out the more prevalent grey.

I have several social media profiles that you can follow to keep up with me, my art, and my adventures.