Typically I use Derwent watercolour pencils for drawings and prefer to work on watercolour paper. Here are some of the items I use to create watercolour pencil drawings.

Derwent 2300226 Academy Watercolour Pencils Tin, Watersoluble Colours – Pack of 36

The Derwent Academy range is targeted at beginner artists but, whether you consider yourself a beginner or not, these pencils provide Derwent quality at a lower price point making them good value for money.

They can be used just like an ordinary dry colouring pencil but come into their own when combined with a little water. Indeed you may find some of the lighter colours work best when you moisten the nib slightly, allowing you to paint with the precision of a pencil. The pencils pigments blend and dissolve with water. Although if you are blending or washing colours I would recommend light strokes when using dry, or possibly dampening the area of the paper or the pencil nib first.

This is the 36 pack, with a good range of colours. There are also 12 and 24 pencil packs. Yes, you will use some pencils more than others and I personally find that I use black and white colours heavily.

Derwent Academy Watercolour Skintones Tin, Watersoluble Colours – 12 Skin Coloured Pencils

A set of colours geared towards creating natural skin tones. I find these pencils very useful and use them for all kinds of artwork, whether skin, fur or feathers.

Again, these are Derwent Academy and can be used wet or dry.



Derwent 2301975 Waterbrush Multi-Pack Brushes with Clear Water Barrel – Pack of 3 (Chisel Tip, Fine Tip and Medium Tip)

These have a water reservoir barrel with a valve to create a constant flow of water through the brush when it touches the paper. You unscrew the brush to fill and refill the barrel with water. You can use these to blend, wash or paint the pencil colour pigment without the need to carry or use standard brushes with a pot of water.