Instant Download Terms and Conditions

Scope and Information.

These terms and conditions refer to and govern products, content, services, intellectual property and any other offering or creation of Martin Balmer, Herne Bay, United Kingdom.


Digital artwork.

A digitalised copy of artwork, irrespective of the creation method, that is stored within one or more computer files.  Digital artwork includes pencil drawings and paintings that have been captured by scanning or photographing. It also includes artwork that has been created on a computer device.

Digital download.

A computer file that is made available for you to transfer onto your computer or computer device usually following a payment.  Digital download can also be referred to as instant download.

Digital product.

A non-physical product that is stored, handled and transferred using digital or electronic means. An example of a digital product is digital artwork.  Digital products are available as digital download.

Physical print.

Artwork printed onto a physical media such as paper, card or canvas.

Your Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

By downloading, accessing or using a digital product you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions together with any relevant documents and policies and conditions referred to herein or provided with the product.

Use of this web site is also governed by terms and conditions of use.

Returns and Refund Policy.

Because artwork delivered as digital download is not a physical item it cannot be returned.  Once a download has commenced for a digital product, including digital artwork, a refund cannot be offered.

A digital product shall be considered delivered as soon as it is made available for download by you.  You may not cancel, exchange or return a digital product.  A purchase of a digital product is a non-refundable sale.

Digital product purchases are not provided on a trial basis.

In the event that a refund or exchange is provided for a digital product it shall be considered a discretionary gesture of goodwill without liability and in no way setting any precedent.  Upon receipt of any such refund or exchange all digital copies and physical prints of the digital product that you have made or have been made from your purchase must be deleted, removed and destroyed.

Every effort is made to ensure digital products are free from errors.  Digital products may be updated during their support life-cycle when errors are discovered.  Corrective updates will be available to existing purchases of the digital product.

Permitted Usage.

Digital products are subject to the digital product license agreement.  Upon completion and receipt of your payment for the total price of the digital product you are granted a non-transferable and non exclusive license to use the digital product as permitted by these terms and conditions.

You may use a digital artwork file that you have purchased to:

  • Create a physical print for your own personal use in your own home.
  • Reprint for your own personal use as often as you require.

You must not:

  • You must not use digital artwork for commercial purposes.
  • You must not create physical prints to sell, resell or distribute.
  • You must not copy, reproduce, transmit, sell, resell, distribute, commercially explore or commercially exploit digital artwork.
  • You must not modify or alter digital artwork.

Digital artwork files expressly sold for the creation of greetings cards may be used to create those greetings cards only for your own personal use.  You may print out and send out those cards to your personal family and friends.  You must not sell those cards.  You must not distribute those cards for any commercial purpose.  You must not remove any accompanying information that is incorporated into the greeting card layout and design.

Except where expressly defined within these terms and conditions no additional rights are grants for digital products.

.. You agree that you will not redistribute, transmit, assign, sell, broadcast, rent, share, lend, modify, adapt, edit, sub-license or transfer any Digital Products available through this site (whether the same are available as streams and/or downloads) in any manner other than explicitly described in the product license agreement. Nothing in these terms of sale grants to you any rights other than those expressly set out herein. These terms do not grant to you any rights in relation to the synchronisation, public performance, promotional use, commercial sale, resale, reproduction, distribution or commercial exploitation of any Digital Product.

Suitability and Quality

You must check that your computer and printer are capable of handling and printing digital artwork and to a satisfactory level. You must ensure that you have the minimum required software and hardware specification.