Printing a Single Page from a PDF

Printing Instructions

Print-at-Home PDF files contain different print sizes on individual pages.

Adobe Acrobat Standard and Pro

If you are using Acrobat to access PDF files, you can find the Adobe support pages here:

Adobe Acrobat Reader (free product)

You can download Acrobat Reader for free here:

The official Acrobat Reader software is a convenient way to open and print PDF files.  They have their own guide to printing here:

Windows 10, Edge

To print select the Print icon (2nd from the right).  If this tool bar has disappeared you can bring it back by clicking (or touching) on a empty area of the page or, alternatively, select Print from the … (3 dots) menu (top right-hand end).

To restrict printing to one page, select Page range in the Pages ‘dropdown’ selector.  Range will appear, enabling you to enter a page number.  You can enter an individual page number here as there is no need to enter it as a range.

Additional settings can be found under ‘More settings’.  Some of these may be specific to your printer but generally include paper size, oriental and paper type.  An option for borderless printing may also be available.

iPhone and iPad

Apple’s iOS, on recent iPhones and iPads, has built-in support for PDF.  To print from these devices your printer will need to support AirPrint

Open the PDF file on your iPad or iPhone.  When you tap the link to download the artwork it may open automatically.

Press the Share button .  Depending on your device, this may be at the top or bottom of the screen.

A selection of sharing options will be displayed.  Select Print.  You may need to scroll the list sideways to reveal the Print option.

Before you can print you need to choose a compatible near-by printer by pressing Select Printer.  This must be connected to the same network that your iPad or iPhone is connected to.

As my artwork packages contain a selection of different paper sizes on different pages,  you need to select the page you want to print.

Select an individual page using the Range setting.  This is sometimes hidden below Options.  Pressing the Options line will expand the area to show Range.

To choose an individual page, simply set the first as last page of the range to the same page number.  To print page 5, set both numbers to 5.  Press < Printer Options to leave Page Range.

The chosen page will be highlighted and you are ready to press Print.