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Landscape painting of a white West Highland Terrier (Westie) dog, within a flower bed surrounded by dragonflies.

  • Created January 2011
  • Height 30cm
  • Width 41cm
  • Type Acrylic
  • Canvas Type Box
  • Box Depth 1.8cm

All sizes are approximate.

Westies, as they are commonly known, are a breed of small dog originating from Scotland characteristically featuring a white coat.

Westie is an abbreivation of West Highland Terrier, bread to locate and dig out badgers and foxes.

Although originally the breed was actually called Poltalloch Terrier and named after an estate in Argyll, Western Scotland, where they were developed.

A West Highland Terrier appears in the logo and advertising for Cesar dog food. You may have also seen this dog on the label for Scotch whisky brand Black & Whites.

For more information about Westies, as well as links to other web sites, please see this Wikipedia page.

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