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Acrylic painting on box canvas, Polar Bear, Northern Lights

Landscape painting of a polar bear standing amongst an icy landscape watching a colourful skyward light show.

Showing silver paint on polar bear painting

  • Created April 2010
  • Height 50cm
  • Width 100cm
  • Type Acrylic
  • Canvas Type Box
  • Box Depth 3.5cm

All sizes are approximate.

Polar bears are somewhat of a major theme in our house particularly with my wife’s extensive collection of soft-toys and ornaments. So, it goes without saying, that if there is a focal point or feature wall requiring  a painting then that painting it is likely to be of a polar bear.

This polar bear looks on to an animated night sky. Silver paint helps to highlight the icy feel. This reflects differently during the day, depending the type of light and direction from which it falls.