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“Anyway, so you’re a teacher,” said Steven, consciously running the tip of his finger around his pint glass as it stood on the table; himself repeating what she had previously said before he got side-tracked.

There was a natural break in the conversation and Steven noticed a friendly glint in her eye. She smiled at him. She seemed very relaxed; as if they had all the time in the world. But they didn’t: they had a rapidly diminishing three minutes.

Steven took the opportunity to have a moment’s breather. He felt like a chatterbox but maybe that was good? She sat there captivated by his every word. Like he was an explorer, returned from a faraway land with a story to tell, holding an audience in the palm of his hand.

Actually it frightened him. Maybe she liked him. She’s nice enough, thought Steven, but. Well, I don’t know. It was nothing to do with her. Clearly they were getting on like a house on fire. He was just not ready yet to meet someone special, again.

It was all too easy to fall into a race to see who could get shacked up first. Steven or his ex-girlfriend, Alexandra. Well, that’s easily answered. Alex is a pretty girl, she wouldn’t have any trouble, and she had been single the last few months by choice.

Why should Steven worry? He was busy, as his photography skills were in high demand right now; then he had his new flat, with boxes to unpack; a trip to New York; and his exhibition. Genuinely, where was there going to be time for a girlfriend? Like, please, make an appointment miss whilst I get my life in order: is next Wednesday okay? Say twelve-noon?

A couple on a nearby table burst into fits of laugher. Clearly they were hitting it off.

Of course he still has to face Alex, within the same circle of friends, and that could be hard. Seeing Alex with a new man whilst he was alone and unhappy. Oh she could be such a bitch. Indeed miss-high-and-mighty model Alex would happily rub his nose in it. They had good times. Cow.

Steven smiled back as his speed-date replied. “Although,” she said sweetly in a soft delicate voice, tilting her head on one side as a kinda subtle, possibly unconfident, flirting gesture, “I take special needs children between 4 and 10.”

She was pretty damn cute actually, very girlie. And she did have lovely brown eyes. Long blond hair. Dainty hands. Wearing a beautiful dress that really showed her… No, thought Steven, she probably didn’t like him at all.

She was just being nice whilst he rabbited on. Bored to tears and too kind to show it.

The bell rang. Three minutes was up. It was time to mark the card, hit or miss, and move on to the next girl. Would he see this one again?